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Mary Wolf

Mary Wolf

Allenton, WI


Expressing the color, light, and many moods of nature, has kept me busy painting and making things since I was a little girl. My deep appreciation and love of nature influences my artwork both in the materials used and my expression of art. I find it intriguing to find older, unique items and give them a second life. Coming up with new designs for my glassware and paintings, or thinking about some new project, are things I love to do. There is a joy in making something that will hopefully bring happiness to those who use it. My hope is that my paintings may inspire you to look at the world around you with a renewed sense of wonder and gratitude.

After selling at boutiques and art fairs for many years, I decided to expand my markets wider by joining Etsy under the shop name of marysworkshop. I love selling my original artwork on canvas, as painted glassware, hand-painted glass vases, and also creating various handcrafted items on that great site. Selling on Etsy has connected me with so many wonderful people, but never have I been as honored to have my work purchased for a more beautiful reason than this:

Now I'm thrilled to be able to offer you prints of my work here on this site, as well. I hope you will enjoy the opportunity to purchase prints of my work in the various formats that are offered. I love the variety of printing options and the fact that some of my sold work will still be available for interested customers. Thank you to everyone for your support! You have given me the amazing gift of being able to use my talents to do something that I love.

May it bring you joy,


Irises and Roses in the Garden by Mary Wolf


Lake Michigan Sailboats by Mary Wolf


An Eye For Beauty- Black and White Version by Mary Wolf


Reflections on the Lake by Mary Wolf


Floral Painting by Mary Wolf


Reflections by Mary Wolf


Garden Bliss by Mary Wolf


Snowman and Trees Holiday by Mary Wolf


Sweetness Floral Painting by Mary Wolf


Fuzzy the Snowman by Mary Wolf


Bright Contemporary Floral by Mary Wolf


The Little Pink Christmas Tree by Mary Wolf


Christmas at Grandmas by Mary Wolf


Journey by Mary Wolf


A Place in Time by Mary Wolf


Summer Flower Garden by Mary Wolf


Trout Pond by Mary Wolf


Memories of the Meadow by Mary Wolf


Yellow and Red Roses by Mary Wolf


Impressionist Floral Painting by Mary Wolf


Water Reflections by Mary Wolf


Dawn 2 by Mary Wolf


Smile Down on Me by Mary Wolf


Beyond the Distant Hills by Mary Wolf


Impressionist Floral Painting by Mary Wolf


Grace's Garden by Mary Wolf


Pink and White Anemones by Mary Wolf


Impressionist Flowers by Mary Wolf


Sea Blue by Mary Wolf


Sunflower Garden by Mary Wolf


Indigo Blue Snowfall by Mary Wolf


Fountain of Blossoms by Mary Wolf


Lavender Blue Iris Garden by Mary Wolf


Sepia Garden Sunflower Bouquet by Mary Wolf


Woodland Impressions by Mary Wolf


Sunflowers by Mary Wolf


Blue Reflections by Mary Wolf


Backlit Red Poppies by Mary Wolf


Dramatic Floral Still Life Painting by Mary Wolf


In the Golden Light by Mary Wolf


Spring Garden by Mary Wolf


Sunrise over the Mist by Mary Wolf


Sea and Sky by Mary Wolf


Catching Some Gold by Mary Wolf


Sunlit Flower Garden by Mary Wolf


Pretty in Pink by Mary Wolf


Fields of Gold by Mary Wolf


Inspirational Poppies in the Light by Mary Wolf